Saturday, September 7, 2013

The Sky Road, 2012

“My methodology for the production of the works included in this exhibition was simply to pinpoint a location on The Sky Road, travel to that point and gather material such as photographs, field recordings, colour samples and measurements.

With this information I then constructed the pieces, a chipboard incline, a photograph, a digital graphic, a geometric collage, a vinyl record of musical compositions and a series of mixed colour samples applied throughout the gallery space and upon the works themselves where appropriate.

Throughout the production of these works my thoughts kept returning to the sampling techniques often used by IDM composers to produce a remix of one particular track or another. This process involves the breakdown of an original into its component pieces before it is reassembled into a new whole. By applying a similar technique to a location my intention has been to create something abstract, beautiful and entirely new while still retaining an unmistakable sense of place.”

Solo Show, 126, Galway, October 2012

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