Sunday, January 24, 2010

Ritual Flux 51 CD 2009

Fluxus (Moon) ………………… 49.12 minutes (CD)

“ A truly gorgeous 50 minute piece of shimmering electronica built around Alex North and Gerry Goldsmiths 1966 composition “Moon”, the piece is based on a 40 second long intro to the score to who’s afraid of virginia wolfe. The piece features Sven Anderson and Russell Hart (Scottish born and now residing in Galway). It’s a wonderfully oscillating piece of mostly drone based sounds with lots of barely audible glitchy sound effects. Think of the sparse barren icy soundscapes of Biosphere meets the kind of digital scratchy detritus of Fennesz. It’s one of those beautiful slow changing pieces that fans of the Kranky label will instantly fall in love with. It’s definitely one of those rare beauties that’s best appreciated on headphones, you will discover so much going on deep down in the mix this way.”

Review by Road Records, Dublin