Sunday, January 24, 2010

Live @ 8 2009

An improvised set of processed sounds in collaboration with Sven Anderson. Performance lasted 2.5 hours.

Venue: Bar Number 8, Galway City Docks, May 2009.

"The glitch is only conceivable in a world where music has become
partly or wholly mechanised. Recording converts sound into an object,
and as an object it is vulnerable to breakage. At the same time, the
object as capsule of sound (a measure of lived time scooped out of
time, just as the photograph snatches a single instant out of visual,
ontological reality) can accumulate power, potential energy."

Rob Young "Worship The Glitch - Digital Music Electronic Disturbance",

"Undercurrents The Hidden Wiring Of Modern Music", Continuum, 2002.